Friday, 10 July 2015

Levolux online goes responsive

NEW Levolux Website Home Page
We are pleased to announce the arrival of the 'new' Levolux website, which is now live and is better than ever.

You'll find it has a new look and feel and improved functionality including the ability to filter the view of 'projects' by sector or material type.

It is already proving to be a hit with visitors, who have appreciated the large visuals and intuitive menus to help find the relevant 'product' information, be that a brochure or technical datasheet, with ease.

If you are looking for informative news and technical guidance, then you'll find an in-depth range of stories and articles in the 'news' section. This section of the new website will continue to expand, but if you cannot find what you need, then please don't hesitate to use the 'contact us' page to send us a message.

The new Levolux website is designed to suit today's professionals and you'll find that it is optimised to work on tablets and smartphones as well as on a laptop or PC. This will help you find all the information you need, even while you are on the move or on site. We hope you like it.

To learn more about what Levolux can offer, please visit

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