Friday, 31 May 2013

Levolux brings comfort to classrooms

It doesn’t take a genius to know how vital keeping children cool is to ensuring they are healthy, happy and motivated. As any parent or teacher will tell you, a hot child is likely to be uncooperative, impatient and disruptive.

As the summer finally arrives and temperatures increase, Solar Shading is the perfect solution to any school’s temperature headaches. By effectively controlling how much direct sunlight enters a building through its windows, Solar Shading can significantly reduce unwanted solar heat gain and the need for expensive, energy sapping air conditioning.

While air conditioning can be expensive to operate, systems also require constant monitoring and regular servicing to ensure efficiency. This is also needed to prevent poor ventilation problems that can lead to Sick Building Syndrome – a hazard any school should want to avoid.

Traditional air conditioning has also been criticised for upping the level of carbon emissions in a building, which creates a serious long term impact on our environment. The application of solar shading has been proven to considerably reduce or even eliminate the use of air conditioning in schools and other buildings.

When designing the fabric of new schools, glass has never been more popular with architects, as it helps to provide a naturally lit and aesthetically pleasing environment. The need to regulate the amount of light entering a building is therefore more important than ever before.
Big windows and glass features certainly catch the eye but they can also create problems with unwanted heat gain and excessive glare affecting the well-being of pupils and teachers. Solar Shading solutions not only work effectively to combat solar heat gain and glare, they also complement any building design, creating a distinctive and attractive appearance.

After the initial outlay, Solar Shading requires very little attention or maintenance and makes for a sound long term investment. As the leading solar shading specialist, Levolux has developed an extensive range of internal and external solar shading products. From fabric roller blinds to aluminium or timber louvres, solutions can be tailored to incorporate a range of technologies and are designed to complement existing construction plans.

Older school buildings can benefit from Solar Shading too. By working side-by-side with clients, contractors and architects, it’s possible to identify the best products for retro-fitting a system – whatever the unique requirements of a scheme. Solar Shading not only blends naturally with the existing architecture, keeping the original character of the building, it also helps to revive older buildings and improve their energy efficiency.
Solar Shading solutions are eco-friendly and will meet any school’s environmental impact targets. Sustainability is a key priority for the Department of Education and Solar Shading products are sourced and used with this ethos firmly in mind. For example, the timber used for Levolux louvres comes from renewable sources, with a certified chain of custody, and their fabric roller blinds and aluminium louvres are fully recyclable.

Levolux is a leading provider of Solar Shading solutions to schools, colleges and universities across the country. Here we can look at some remarkable examples.

for instance, the innovative £23 million Langley Academy of Science. Designed by world renowned architect, Fosters + Partners, the Timber Fin Solar Shading system was designed, manufactured and installed by Levolux. Over 650 of its Timber Fins are installed over the windows around this curvaceous timber building, effectively reducing heat gain and acting as a working model of eco friendly technology for students to appreciate.
It’s not just the introduction of academies that is driving the change however. Michael Tippett School is a ground breaking SEN school situated in London and it utilised Levolux’s effective Solar Shading systems to both create a comfortable atmosphere and invigorate the centre’s bold aesthetic, with three rows of the company’s 9000 range Aluminium Louvres installed in three vibrant powder coated colours.
Bespoke designs have proven to be hugely effective when applied to educational centres, by reducing carbon emissions and providing optimum environmental conditions, whilst providing a spectacular design feature.

Lancaster University’s Statistics Centre is no different. Demonstrating how custom made Solar Shading solutions can really make a difference, Levolux stepped forward to design an innovative Solar Shading solution, combining Ventilation Louvres with Brise Soleil and a unique series of ‘solar chimneys’. 
Resembling tall glass towers, the five ‘solar chimneys’ were fitted to the southern elevation of the Statistics Centre and are connected by vents to the lecture rooms inside. When heated by the sun, warm stale air is extracted from the building by the process of convection and fresh cool air is drawn in, helping to maintain an optimum room temperature. 

Levolux Solar Shading solutions, like those described, are not only affordable and energy efficient, but most importantly they maintain a cool, comfortable environment with good natural lighting. Perhaps the most significant result for teachers and parents is that pupils will remain cool, calm and attentive during lessons and during exams this summer. 

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