Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Levolux gets results at Marlowe Academy

As this winter takes hold glare control becomes more critical as the sun appears lower in the sky and trees offer less shade to buildings. Excessive glare is particularly disruptive to those using IT or display screen equipment (DSE), such as office workers, teachers, students and pupils. 

While most of us tolerate glare or change position to compensate for it, pupils and staff at the award-winning Marlowe Academy in Ramsgate do not experience it in their classrooms, thanks to a Levolux solar shading solution.

The purpose-built Academy replaced an old school building to provide transformed educational opportunities to local children. Recognised as one of the finest school developments in the country, the Marlowe Academy was the winner of the inaugural RIBA Sorrell Foundation Schools Award 2007, as well as the RIBA National Award and the RIBA Award.

Excessive glare is particularly challenging for pupils using IT equipment or attending lectures as it can disrupt attention and obscure information being displayed on projector screens, whiteboards, televisions and computer display screens. Schools, academies and universities employ a range of techniques to prevent excessive glare, usually as a form of window treatment applied internally.

While internal roller blinds can be effective for light exclusion purposes or for limiting glare levels, they are less effective at reducing solar heat gain in the summer. To deliver year-round energy savings, BDP (Building Design Partnership), selected Levolux to supply and fit a state-of-the-art external solar shading solution at Marlowe Academy.
The custom solution comprises Levolux's motorised Markisolette Blinds, featuring an attractive and durable blue fabric. In total, 36 Blinds were installed around the school's innovative curved classroom block at ground and first floor level.

Blinds measuring up to 2.5 metres wide, with a maximum drop of 1.1 metres, are linked in pairs to provide effective shade, while allowing an unobstructed outward view. A standalone control system takes readings from an external anemometer and if wind speeds exceed a maximum threshold the Blinds are automatically retracted into head boxes to prevent damage.
All systems from Levolux are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package. The company’s experience in bespoke solar shading is second to none worldwide.

Fore more information, visit www.levolux.com.

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