Monday, 11 June 2012

Levolux weaves its magic for residents

Residents of this London apartment building benefit from an innovative series of stainless steel screens, created from woven mesh by Levolux, leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of Solar Shading solutions.

New River Village, developed by St James Homes, has been designed to reflect a unique mix of art, architecture and landscape. To maximise use of light and space, the corner apartments were designed to incorporate a striking floor to ceiling glazed fa├žade. 

The architects invited Levolux to create an external Solar Shading solution that would fit in with the bold statement of the building's architecture. The solution would need to satisfy four challenging requirements.

The first was to provide an effective privacy screen for residents, obscuring views into the apartments from the street below and opposing buildings. Secondly, it would need to control daylight levels to ensure maximum daylight can penetrate the building. Thirdly, the solution would need to reduce solar heat gain, allowing the apartments to remain naturally cool and comfortable, particularly in the height of summer. Finally, its aesthetic quality needed to be distinctive, yet complementary to the overall scheme. 

Drawing on its unrivalled experience and specialist expertise, Levolux proposed a solution comprising a series of vertical, part rotating stainless steel woven mesh screens.
 The new woven stainless steel mesh screens are yet another first for Levolux, proving that the company can provide unique screening and shading solutions to meet almost any architectural challenge.
Produced in banks of 3 to 5 screens, 700mm wide, they run the full length of four floors. Shaped into fins on the interior, they sit flat against the glass balustrade of the apartment balconies. As required, the occupants can manually turn the screens to provide views over the surrounding area and increase light into the apartment. 
“The screens provide the occupants with privacy whilst ensuring that maximum light into the building is achieved. They also help to enhance the individual character of the building,” commented a spokesperson for St  James Homes. 

Like all systems from Levolux the screens are virtually maintenance free and are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.

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