Friday, 25 May 2012

Levolux keeps the heat off Gateshead pupils

A £24million, state of the art secondary school chose Levolux’s innovative sun screening system to keep nearly 1,000 pupils cool, particularly when exams take place in the summer.

The custom-designed shading, featuring large Energy Screens and vertical blade Louvres along with an area of horizontal Fins and Walk-On Brise Soleil, has been installed at Cardinal Hume Catholic School in Gateshead.

Constructed predominantly over two storeys on a Greenfield site, with a five-floor tower on one side, the 10,000m2 landmark school also boasts the latest technology and a multi-use games area. 

With extensive glazing on east, west and south-facing elevations, a team of expert consultants determined the school would require an innovative solution to prevent excessive solar heat gain.

As well as providing an aesthetically striking feature, which under direct sunlight appear to float in front of the glazing, the 94 Levolux Energy Screens will significantly reduce solar heat gain during the day and help insulate the building at night. 

The 5m high vertical screens – made from a combination of perforated and solid aluminium – were fitted to both sides of the south elevation.

Working in partnership with the design team from GWK Architects, Levolux further enhanced the solar shading with 600mm wide vertical blades and 250mm horizontal aluminium aerofoil Fins. Fixed externally, they provide extra protection to the heavily glazed areas.
The Fins, together with an integral walkway system, are manufactured from extruded aluminium sections. The system projects out 600mm with a maintenance walkway, handrail and latchway system for easy access.
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