Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Levolux makes a 'splash' in Liverpool

Perhaps the most striking building developed by Urban Splash, the Matchbox building in south Liverpool is a spectacular high-specification fully glazed office, with a highly effective solar shading solution by Levolux. This formed part of the successful regeneration of the Speke Halewood area, spearheaded by the Liverpool and Development Company.

Designed by Liverpool-based architect Snook, it provides 19,000 sq ft of Grade A office accommodation with comfort cooling from Levolux – a critical component for a cube-shaped building, with a fully glazed envelope.

Each elevation has three floors, with a grid dividing them into five. Levolux has installed 15 external Venetian blinds on each side, 60 in total. The blinds substantially reduce solar heat gain and associated energy costs, while optimising lighting conditions and helping to control glare. They also help insulate the building by reducing the amount of night cooling during winter months.

Uniquely, the blinds have the ability to protect against glare as well as very fine light control due to the variable slat positions. Exterior views are still maintained, ensuring occupants do not feel cut off from the outside world.

Neil Dawson, Project Architect for Snook + Shedkm, said: “For such an innovative project we needed an innovative solar shading system to match. Levolux supplied us with a tailor made solution that enhances the appearance of the building, something that is vital to a regeneration scheme, and also significantly reduces solar heat gain and energy costs.”

Like all systems from Levolux, the external Venetian Blinds are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package. 

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