Thursday, 23 February 2012

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If you have visited London Bridge station recently you may, or may not have been impressed by the imposing 'Shard' skyscraper that towers overhead. Although this building may take some time to win over its critics, the nearby 'More London' development, is a great example of ultra-modern architecture, which still looks impressive, 10 years after it was conceived.

The 13 acre development, adjacent to Tower Bridge comprises City Hall, thousands of square metres of office space, a hotel, bars, cafes, restaurants, piazzas and entertainment facilities.

Plot 6, More London, a seven-storey office building designed by Foster + Partners, is arguably the most striking building in the development. 

Levolux designed and installed a bespoke solar shading system to the southern facade of this landmark building.  A 21 metre vertical stack of 100mm dia satin anodised aluminium tubes mounted on a dark grey steel structure gives the appearance of 'floating straws' over the building's 100 metre long facade.

Due to the building's location, close to the River Thames and the prevailing winds, it was essential that full sized wind tunnel testing was carried out to confirm the suitability of the design.

The complete system, 60 tonnes of support steel structure and 120 tonnes of aluminium tubes and supports were all hung from the roof of the building with lateral restraints at each floor level. The system also incorporates a feature lighting box at the bottom of the structure to bathe the pavement with light and this box also incorporates a guttering system to remove as much residual rain water as possible. 

Former Project and Development Director at More London, Alastair Smith, commented: "Levolux was involved from the early stages of the project providing advice and information to assist Foster + Partners with their design development of the Solar Shading at 6 More London Place.  We were impressed with Levolux's thorough approach during the detailed design stages and wind tunnel testing, and the quality of installation speaks for itself with the completed solar shading screen creating a stunning feature at the entrance to the More London development." 

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