Friday, 17 February 2012

Levolux delivers a lesson in sustainability

Levolux’s Timber Fin Solar Shading system was hand picked for architects Foster + Partners’ new-age Langley Academy of Science in Berkshire.

Replacing a troubled 7,000sqm school, the unique new build 10,000sqm academy re-invented the school experience. The new academy educates its 1150 students in many science related subjects, including sustainability.

The building’s design is a model of environmental excellence, with numerous examples of energy efficient technology in practice. Taking pride of place among these is Levolux’s state-of-the-art Timber Fin solar shading system.

Levolux installed 657 of its Timber Fins over the glazing of the curvaceous building, providing a highly effective method of solar shading for its classrooms, laboratories and work spaces.

Not only does it deliver the optimum classroom environment, but by reducing solar heat gain, the school’s need for air conditioning is greatly reduced. Subsequently the need for energy is reduced and so the overall carbon footprint of the academy is lowered.

With the exterior cladding constructed of wood, the option of using Levolux’s Timber Fins was the natural choice. The use of Western Red Cedar works with the exterior walls to further enhance the buildings stunning aesthetics. Encapsulating the architect’s vision for an inherently eco-friendly project, all timber supplied by Levolux was derived from sustainable sources.

Levolux’s successful work alongside award winning architects, such as Foster + Partners, demonstrates its position at the forefront of the solar shading industry, with unparalleled expertise and experience.

The Levolux product range offers a wide array of custom shading solutions in a number of different finishes, delivering any project the perfect design every time.

Like all Solar Shading systems from Levolux, the Timber Fins used on Langley Academy are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package, along with a three year warranty.

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