Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Levolux thermal break bracket 'best in test'

Levolux’s new Triniti RF (Resin Fix) Bracket has been developed to satisfy the increasing demand for a thermally broken, retro-fitted curtain walling bracket. Building on the success of its original Triniti Bracket, Levolux has created a new bracket that can be applied to an existing curtain walled building, without removing the glazing.

Both the Triniti and Triniti RF brackets significantly reduce cold bridging, dampen vibrations and provide an incredibly strong fixing point for external Solar Shading. According to independent heat loss tests carried out at Bath University, the Triniti bracket performs 70% better than standard curtain walling brackets.

By eliminating the risk of interstitial condensation forming where the bracket punctures the mullion, harmful mould growth is prevented. The bracket also provides a vital barrier to audible noise energy being transmitted into the building structure, which can become a problem when Solar Shading is secured using standard curtain walling brackets.

To ensure new and refurbished buildings perform as efficiently as possible and comply with the latest building regulations, Solar Shading is an essential consideration. Now featuring a high performance, specially formulated acrylic resin, the Triniti RF bracket represents a major ‘break-through’ for architects and specifiers.

A retro-fitted Solar Shading solution can now be applied cost-effectively and with minimal disruption, without compromising a building’s existing structural integrity. Thanks to Levolux’s Triniti RF bracket, the application of Solar Shading just got a whole lot easier.

For more information, please visit www.levolux.com.

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