Thursday, 26 January 2012

Levolux takes Solar Shading to Infiniti and beyond

Levolux continues to challenge the laws of physics with its Infiniti Fin solar shading system. Since its introduction in 2009, the system has established itself as the preferred choice of architects in the UK and overseas. Its unique patented design, which comprises fixed shading Fins secured with concealed, stainless steel fixings, delivers the 'holy grail' in external solar shading. The ideal blend of form and functionality.

Fins are fixed at maximum possible spans, but unlike other systems available, the fixings are concealed within the Fins themselves, allowing the louvres to be cantilevered past the last support. This creates continuous, uninterruped lines of Fins that provide effective shading, while appearing to be weightless.

The Infiniti Fin system continues to evolve, with a choice of aluminium or timber Fins, available with an increasing range profiles and sizes, and variable fixing arrangements. These offer architects and specifiers the flexibility to complement any scheme, while allowing Levolux to meet specific project requirements.

In contrast with ‘bird-mouth’ type systems, which can look rather heavy and unsightly, the Infiniti Fin solar shading system has a sleek appearance and weighs up to 30% less. The system also boasts an extremely strong and reliable fixing method, which has been tested well in excess of the loads likely to be applied and has been engineered to accommodate thermal expansion – an important factor that can weaken ‘bird-mouth’ type systems.

Like other external solar shading systems developed by Levolux, the Infiniti Fin system is proven to reduce solar heat gain by as much as 95%. This can contribute significantly to the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings by reducing the need for energy-sapping air conditioning. At the same time, the system allows plenty of natural daylight to filter through and its lean construction provides good outward visibility, creating a comfortable, naturally lit environment.

To help demonstrate the flexibility of the system in practice, here are some links to recently completed installations at Royal Holloway College, Ropemaker Place, M&S Stratford City, Colmonell Primary School, Grand Hyatt NY, South Devon College and Lea Manor High School. While aerofoil and rectangular shaped profiles are popular, other shapes are available, such as oval or diamond shaped louvres. 

Fins range in width, from a slender 60mm, up to an impressive 480mm. Other shaped sections or Fins can be made available.

For maximum benefit, the Infiniti Fin system integrates seamlessly with Levolux’s Triniti Curtain Walling Bracket, which reduces cold bridging, dampens vibrations and prevents noise transmission into the building. The bracket features a unique thermal break to eliminate the risk of interstitial condensation, which over time can weaken the structural integrity of a building. 

A retro-fit Triniti RF Bracket is also now available, which allows external solar shading to be applied to an existing building without removing the glazing. This results in a number of significant benefits for property managers and developers, as they can now effectively upgrade an existing property quickly and simply, with minimum disruption.

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