Friday, 12 November 2010

Colourful Shades in Luton

Lea Manor High School has been transformed into a modern, energy efficient community complex, which benefits from a stunning Levolux Solar Shading solution.

Arranged over two storeys, the completed school will provide an exciting new venue for young and old to enjoy, through performing arts, scientific research, or attending interactive lectures.
The school’s glazed entrance receives prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which increases the risk of excessive solar heat gain within the building, particularly during the summer. To help combat this, Levolux devised an external aluminium Solar Shading solution, utilising its new Infiniti® Fin system.

Resembling a rainbow of continuous coloured blades, the Levolux Solar Shading solution comprises 13 rows of 300mm wide horizontal Aerofoil Fins, applied in a vertical stack across the entrance of the school. With a total length of 16.4 metres, each Aerofoil Fin has been given a distinctive coloured powder coated finish, ranging from reds and yellows, to greens and blues.

The Infiniti Fin system is an innovative form of external Solar Shading, with unique concealed fixings creating an attractive aesthetic of continuous Fins, with no apparent fixings or vertical supports.

The Infiniti Fin system has a flexible design which can accommodate aerofoil, diamond, oval, rectangular and box section Fins, in widths ranging from 150mm up to 500mm. The Infiniti Fin system is unlike any other on the market in that the fixings are ingeniously hidden inside the Fins themselves.

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