Friday, 10 July 2015

Levolux online goes responsive

NEW Levolux Website Home Page
We are pleased to announce the arrival of the 'new' Levolux website, which is now live and is better than ever.

You'll find it has a new look and feel and improved functionality including the ability to filter the view of 'projects' by sector or material type.

It is already proving to be a hit with visitors, who have appreciated the large visuals and intuitive menus to help find the relevant 'product' information, be that a brochure or technical datasheet, with ease.

If you are looking for informative news and technical guidance, then you'll find an in-depth range of stories and articles in the 'news' section. This section of the new website will continue to expand, but if you cannot find what you need, then please don't hesitate to use the 'contact us' page to send us a message.

The new Levolux website is designed to suit today's professionals and you'll find that it is optimised to work on tablets and smartphones as well as on a laptop or PC. This will help you find all the information you need, even while you are on the move or on site. We hope you like it.

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Levolux helps Suffolk go green

A bold new ‘Energy from Waste’ facility in Great Blakenham, Suffolk is having a surprisingly positive impact on the Suffolk landscape, thanks to an Aerofoil Fin screening solution from Levolux.

Designed by Grimshaw Architects to achieve a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, the new facility processes almost 260,000 tonnes of household and business waste each year to generate sufficient electricity to power the equivalent of 30,000 homes.
The development, which is operated by SITA, comprises a main incinerator plant facility and an adjoining education centre. The main plant facility is accommodated within an impressive building which extends more than 30 metres in height, with a length of almost 60 metres.

As the site backs directly onto the picturesque Gipping Valley, architects were challenged to create a modern, energy-efficient industrial facility that would be sympathetic to its natural setting.

As a result, architects sought the help of the UK’s leading solar shading and screening specialists, Levolux.
With an unrivalled track record, Levolux was ideally equipped to design an external screening solution that would give the facility an attractive external aesthetic that mimics the formation of clouds passing across the Suffolk sky.

The custom solution comprises aerofoil-shaped louvres each measuring 500mm wide by 50mm thick, applied across each of the building’s four elevations. The extruded aluminium Louvres are set at a pitch of 750mm, assembled into panels using aluminium side-plates.

The louvred panels, with free spans of up to 3.6 metres, combine to cover almost 4500 square metres of the external façade.
To create a distinctive and interesting aesthetic, the angle of each louvre in each vertical stack increases by 6 degrees over the height of the installation. In addition, the angle of the upper-most louvre in each vertical stack increases by 10 degrees across the installation.

The differing angles of louvres create a dynamic visual effect that changes as you pass along the façade. As the louvres reflect daylight, they create swathes of light and dark across the façade, giving the impression of moving cloud formations. This softens the visual impact of the facility on the landscape and conceals its industrial core.

To deliver a comprehensive solution, Levolux also supplied and fitted 51 of its internal 780 Roller Blinds. With a drop of 2.7 metres and widths in excess of 3 metres, the Blinds have been applied to glazed openings, allowing occupants to control light and glare levels simply by operating a manual crank handle.
All aluminium components, including the aerofoil-shaped louvres, are finished in an attractive and durable light blue powder coating. In contrast, all internal Roller Blinds are fitted with a white and charcoal fabric, with a 3% openness factor.

The new ‘Energy from Waste’ facility in Great Blakenham, with its striking Aerofoil Fin screening solution, is now fully functional and has already made a positive contribution by significantly reducing the amount of waste being deposited in land-fill sites. This supports the Suffolk County Council’s ambition of becoming the greenest in England.

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Levolux grid covers cars in Leeds

Following a £9 million refurbishment project, the 50 year old Merrion Centre multi-storey car park in the centre of Leeds, has been dramatically revamped, including a custom Screening Solution from Levolux.

Following the completion of the refurbishment in January 2015, the Merrion Centre car park, which is operated by CitiPark, is now one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the UK. It features the latest industry technology, including automated number plate recognition (ANPR) systems, contactless pay stations and LED lighting with integrated PIR sensors. The external façade has also been transformed, and the 6-storey structure is unrecognisable to its previous form.

Car park design has changed significantly since the 1950’s, particularly with respect to the external appearance of multi-storey structures and their impact on the environment. As a result, the refurbished Merrion Centre car park, designed by the Harris Partnership, now benefits from a comprehensive external screening solution, to satisfy challenging design criteria.

As the UK’s leading Solar Shading and Screening specialist, Levolux was invited to develop a custom Screening Solution for the multi-storey car park. The solution incorporates rectangular-section Fins, arranged in a ‘diagrid’ pattern and horizontal aerofoil-shaped Fins. 
The unusual ‘diagrid’ arrangement of rectangular-shaped aluminium Fins, each measuring 200mm wide by 100mm deep, extends to screen an area with a combined length of almost 160 metres and a height of up to 11.5 metres. 

The latticework assembly of Fins is fixed between vertical steel supports at 5 metre centres, creating a series of bays that continue along north, east and south elevations. The Fins are illuminated at night, thanks to the incorporation of colourful LED lights that are fixed where the Fins interconnect.
While the ‘diagrid’ screen is relatively open to maximise daylight levels on each floor and allow good outward visibility for occupants, an alternative screening arrangement was required to obscure unsightly entrance and exit rampways and service areas.

In these areas, Levolux utilised its innovative Infiniti Fin system to incorporate 200mm wide aerofoil-shaped Fins, arranged horizontally to form a series of vertical stacks. The Fins, which are angled at 60 degrees and fixed at a vertical pitch of 350mm, combine to screen an area measuring 32 metres in length, with a height of up to 11.6 metres.

All rectangular and aerofoil-shaped Fins are engineered from extruded aluminium components that have been given an attractive, natural anodised finish.
This iconic development marks the latest in a new wave of multi-storey car park projects that are confounding critics of such structures, by making them visually striking, cost effective and environmentally considerate. 

The application of interesting screening solutions like the ‘diagrid’ arrangement of Fins at the Merrion Centre car park and other solutions delivered by Levolux in Crawley, Swindon and the Athlete’s Village in London, demonstrate a positive shift in car park design.

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Levolux shapes up at Mabledon Place

A transformed 1970’s office block at One Mabledon Place in central London has been reborn as ‘The Halo Building’, with the addition of a distinctive roof screening solution, from Levolux. 

The 80,000 sq ft, eleven-storey office building, which is attached to a five-storey annex building, was originally home to the trade union Unison. Following a multi-million pound refurbishment project it has been completely refurbished inside and out, including alterations to its existing façade and extensive roof level works. 

Located on one of London’s busiest high streets and designed to achieve a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating by Bennetts Associates, the project demanded meticulous planning and a collaborative approach, particularly when it came to delivering the highly visible roof screening solution.
As the UK’s leading solar shading and screening specialist, Levolux was chosen to, supply and install a custom screening solution, comprising vertical mesh panels, topped by extruded aluminium Aerofoil Fins, arranged into horizontal panels.

In total, Levolux installed 244m2 of fixed, vertical mesh panels, measuring 2.3 metres high, extending around the perimeter of the roof. The vertical panels are designed to screen unsightly plant and equipment from view. Each panel is formed from galvanised steel for long lasting good looks and features rectangular perforations measuring 76mm by 25mm.
Above the vertical mesh panels are 62 horizontal panels incorporating 12 Aerofoil Fins. Each Fin measures 100mm deep by 23mm thick, and is fixed between aluminium side plates. The horizontal panels are fitted within a steel frame by others, allowing them to project 1.9 metres out across a perimeter walkway and an outer balustrade, extending past the building’s external envelope.

The horizontal panels are divided into two continuous sections which are faceted to follow the building’s curved façade at roof level.
All aluminium components, such as the Aerofoil Fins and side plates, have been given a highly durable and attractive green brown metallic, powder-coated finish.

By combining vertical mesh panels and horizontal Aerofoil Fins, Levolux has succeeded in screening unsightly structures at roof level, while creating a distinctive architectural feature that resembles a ‘halo’. This projecting structure is attractive during the day and becomes even more striking at night when it is illuminated.

With this in mind, it seems very appropriate that developers Stanhope chose to present the refurbished office development at One Mabledon Place, to the city as ‘The Halo Building’.

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Levolux makes the grade in Stamford

Following a comprehensive refurbishment project, the old gym building at Stamford School in Lincolnshire has been transformed into an ultra modern Performing Arts Centre, with an external Timber Fin screening solution from Levolux.

The school, which was founded in 1532 and is now part of Stamford Endowed Schools – a group of three schools for boys and girls aged from 2-18 - can now offer pupils greatly enhanced spaces for performance, rehearsal and teaching.

Designed by GSS Architecture, the new Performing Arts Centre boasts a re-configured interior and a complementary exterior that reflects the building’s new identity as a facility that is dedicated to music and drama. To satisfy the client’s demanding requirements Levolux was invited to develop a custom external Timber Fin screening solution.
The solution comprises 478 rectangular shaped Timber Fins, fixed vertically to three elevations of the three-storey building. The vertical Fins are set at 236mm centres, extending to screen an area measuring almost 60 metres in length and up to 6.6 metres in height. Each Timber Fin, which measures 285mm deep by 44mm thick, is engineered from untreated Western Red Cedar.

Supplied from an FSC certified source, Western Red Cedar is a particularly popular material for external cladding as it is rot resistant and when left untreated over time it weathers to an attractive silver grey patina.

The Fins are secured back to the restored façade using a series of horizontal aluminium carriers. To prevent birds from perching and nesting between the Timber Fins, they are backed with expanded aluminium mesh panels. The diagonal lines of the mesh also create a contrasting aesthetic which complements the vertical Fins.
In addition, on two elevations at high level, the screening solution has been carefully cut back to create recesses for large circular signs. The signs feature a reproduction of the school’s distinctive crest, depicting a stork with outstretched wings above the school’s motto “Christ me Spede”.
Now refurbished, the school’s old gym building - which has since been superseded by a new sports centre and swimming pool - has been completely transformed. In its place stands the new Performing Arts Centre which becomes the school’s hub for music and drama. The dramatic change is perhaps most striking on the building’s exterior, thanks in part to the impressive Timber Fin screening solution from Levolux.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Levolux brightens up Bournemouth

The completion of a new multi-storey car park in Madeira Road, Bournemouth, which features a colourful external screening solution from Levolux, marks the start of a £40 million regeneration project for the area.

The 382-space car park, designed by Brightspace Architects, has become a high profile landmark for residents and visitors, since opening in March 2014.

The development of a 70 foot tall car park forms part of Bournemouth Council’s Town Centre Vision to deliver regeneration improvements through the Bournemouth Development Company, the Council’s public-private partnership with Morgan Sindall Investments. The Madeira Road scheme included the construction of the multi-storey car park so that an adjacent council-owned surface car park could be converted into purpose-built student accommodation for the Arts University Bournemouth.

The seven-storey car park is highly visible, occupying a prominent site alongside the Wessex Way dual carriageway, in close proximity to Bournemouth’s town centre. As a result and as a condition of planning, the external façade required special treatment to soften the visual impact of the concrete structure on the environment.
To deliver this element of the scheme, Levolux was invited to develop a custom screening solution that obscures views of unsightly structures and vehicles, while creating an attractive architectural feature.

The solution comprised Levolux’s unique Infiniti Fin system, incorporating 400mm wide aerofoil-shaped Fins, arranged vertically. The Fins were required in an assortment of lengths, fixed at contrasting angles and finished in a wide pallet of colours.

The application of the Fins across exposed elevations helps to break up the horizontal and vertical lines of the building. This is a technique often used to soften the visual impact of large structures, making them appear smaller and more sympathetic to their setting.
In the case of the Madeira Road car park, Fins extend across 1, 2 or 3 storeys, arranged in a random design, fixed at 800mm centres. In total, Fins are finished in one of ten different colours, from bright yellow to dark red and various shades in between.
The Fins, which are fixed to horizontal extruded aluminium carrier members, are secured at either 45 or 90 degrees to vary the openness of the screen. On south-facing elevations, around the car park’s entrance, the Fins are closed to 45 degrees to screen views of core structures and vehicles. In contrast, on north-facing elevations the Fins are opened to 90 degrees, which helps to maximise daylight levels within the car park.

Levolux’s Infiniti Fin system features concealed, stainless steel fixings, and its unique configuration allows Fins of all shapes and sizes to appear continuous and seamless across a façade. Fins can also be cantilevered past the last support, making them appear to float in front of the façade.
All aluminium components, including the vertical Fins, end plates and horizontal carriers are precisely engineered and treated with a high quality powder coating, in a choice of colour taken from a wide range of RAL colours.

When the Madeira Road site was released for development by Bournemouth Borough Council, some residents may have been anxious about the prospect of another grey and uninspiring multi-storey car park. Thanks to the vibrant use of colour in the Screening Solution, supplied and installed by Levolux, any such anxieties may well have been replaced by pride.

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Levolux gets stuck in for Henkel

A new 36,000 sq foot office development for Henkel, a global leader in brands and technologies, is bringing together its UK workforce in Hemel Hempstead, into a more comfortable, energy efficient building, which is equipped with an external Solar Shading solution from Levolux.

Completed in August 2014, the three storey building will accommodate more than 200 employees, providing flexible working spaces, conference areas and a restaurant.  The building comprises three interconnected blocks, with the main entrance located in the centre.

Designed by Cornish Architects, the building employs a number of energy efficient technologies to maintain a comfortable environment for occupants. Perhaps most striking of these technologies is an external solar shading solution applied to south-facing elevations.
The solution comprised a combination of 400mm and 300mm wide Aerofoil Fins, engineered from extruded aluminium. All Fins are secured to an external steel frame which extends vertically across south-facing elevations and horizontally to form a canopy above the main entrance at roof level.

A total of 66 Aerofoil Fins, each measuring 400mm wide by 105mm thick, have been applied in vertical stacks across 12 bays, each comprising 5 Fins.  The Fins are individually fixed back to steelwork using structural end caps, allowing them to free span 7.2 metres.

Set at an angle of 30 degrees and at a pitch of 400mm, these Fins provide optimum shade to the building’s south-facing elevations. This helps to prevent excessive solar heat gain, while maximising daylight levels for occupants.
In contrast, 33 Aerofoil Fins, each measuring 300mm wide by 56mm thick, have been distributed equally across three bays to form a horizontal shading canopy, located centrally at roof level. These Fins, with free spans of up to 4 metres, are secured to a steel frame measuring 6 metres deep and almost 12 metres wide. The Fins are fixed at an angle of 45 degrees to provide effective solar control for the central glazed elevation, which accommodates the building’s main entrance.

The steel support frame, which comprises circular hollow section posts and beams, was engineered by Levolux to accommodate the Fins at their optimum spans. This created an uncompromised solution which delivers the desired level of shading, with a clean, contemporary appearance.
All steelwork and aluminium components are treated with a durable, light grey powder coating for long lasting good looks.

Henkel, which operates worldwide with leading brands including Sellotape, Pritt, Loctite, Schwarzkopf and Right Guard aspires to a “One Henkel” concept. This is reflected by its investment in a new UK headquarters building, with its cool Aerofoil Fins from Levolux. This state-of-the-art development will empower its employees to work better together under one roof.

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